5@5 – Five reasons to consider the goat

on Mar 20 in Industry News, Recipes
5@5 – Five reasons to consider the goat

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There is a newer, more popular kid on the block – and he can grow a beard.

When Andrew Knowlton, the Restaurant and Drinks editor of Bon Appétit magazine, was recently asked if goat meat was the next darling of the culinary world, this is what he had to say:

While goat sits somewhere near the bottom on the list of America’s favorite proteins, it’s the most widely consumed meat on the planet. Goat has found a place on a few high-end restaurant menus thanks to chefs who know it’s healthy, sustainable, and delicious in a lamby sort of way.

And Jessica Wilson, who is the executive chef of the appropriately named Goat Town restaurant, might be bleating with joy to hear that.

Five Reasons to Consider the Goat: Jessica Wilson 1. They’re, well, delicious! “For it being a game meat, it’s definitely much sweeter. The fat in it is very flavorful and tender, and that releases a lot of aromatic tastes.

It’s flavorful in a different way than traditional meats. And as with any meat, wherever you source from – and how much the goat is being worked – is going to factor into the taste.

If they’re not out there running around and constantly grazing, if it’s brought up in a way that’s not right, that body of meat is going to be tougher. It’s got to be relaxed and able to do its own natural processes.”

2. Take advantage of it – it’s there! “Nowadays, it’s easier to access – just because people want to know where their food is coming from. Usually it was a whole goat, just because the demand was lower, but now at the farmers market, you can get goat meat.

If you haven’t cooked it before, I would recommend definitely curing it, even just short a cure of sugar, salt and aromatics – something to seal in the juices before you cook. I would also recommend putting it on the grill to get a char before you braise it, instead of browning it in a sauté pan.”

3. Nutritious and delicious “Goat meat is leaner and has a lot of nutritional qualities. It’s much lower in calories and fat. It does have fat on it, but it’s leaner. The saturated fat is very, very low compared to beef.

The cholesterol levels in it are also very low for traditional meat. It’s very high in iron, and for someone like myself who is slightly anemic and needs that extra iron, you get high amounts of iron in goat.

There’s a lot of calcium in it; there are lower sodium levels as well. There are lots of health benefits!

It’s leaner than chicken, lamb, pork, beef – it doesn’t need a lot of seasoning either because there is a lot of natural flavor. And then you have the milk, which is a whole other thing.”

4. Go(a)t milk? “I grew up with goat milk on a farm in Vermont so that’s what I always drank – I didn’t have cow milk growing up. Your body can break it down better – for people who are lactose intolerant, it’s better for you. Your body recognizes it’s a little better; it’s easier to digest.

The calcium level is a little bit purer – there’s not as much processing to it. And goat milk, as with cow milk, definitely aids in strengthening bones.”

5. It’s always been around “For many cultures, they’ve been celebrating it for a very long time. It’s a religious statement – a beautiful animal that should really be celebrated.

Sure, goat might be kind of an unfamiliar place to go or maybe you had goat meat before when it was really tough, but the flavor in it is amazing. As with anything, even if you had it once before, you should at least revisit it one more time.”