Goat Meat: It’s What’s for Dinner

on Feb 23 in Industry News, Recipes
Goat CurryCaribbean Goat Curry from Blogger Edible Aria

Does having to choose from boring beef, common chicken, or plain ol’ pork really get your goat? Stop yer bleatin’ and embrace the hollow-horned mammal.

The Wall Street Journal reports goat is the meat du jour in America, with chefs following the lead of places including Mexico, Jamaica, and the Middle East, where the animal has been popular for years.

And it’s not just for cheese or milk anymore. Think of it as a red-meat substitute for lamb, the newspaper advises, one that has fewer calories than beef and ruffles chicken’s feathers in the saturated fat department.

OK. But what does it taste like?

“It’s like a cross between dark-meat turkey and pork,” Mark Scarbrough, co-author of the cookbook Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese, tells the Journal. “It’s more savory and has a richness and deep complexity.”

Goat is sustainable, too, says Bill Niman, formerly of Niman Ranch, who tells the newspaper that goats do great on land that’s not favored by cows, “so it’s complementary to cattle ranching.”